Everyday Inferno Theatre Company presents
a new spin on an old tale...

Briar Rose & the Thirteenth Fairy

351 E 74th St., NYC, 10021

May 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 at 8pm, May 5 at 7pm
Neighborhood Night on May 6 at 7:30pm


Briar Rose & the Thirteenth Fairy tells the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty through the eyes of both the hero and the villain.  Weaving together the narratives of storytelling greats Perrault, Basile, Walt Disney, and The Brothers Grimm, playwright Caroline Angell has re-imagined a very old story for an audience of all ages.  What happens when you wake up one morning and 100 years has passed you by?  How do you protect the innocence of your children in a world where evil is ever-present?  And what's the best way to keep your Horse's snotty attitude in check?  The universal questions posed by this timeless fairy tale are addressed in a charming, hilarious, and occasionally terrifying manner in this new adaptation.


Writer: Caroline Angell
Director: Anais Koivisto
Producer: Katherine Sommer
Stage Manager: Emily Rosenkrantz
Lighting Designer: Carla Linton

Featuring: Elise Arndt, Kathryn Connors, Lindsay Cook, Augustin J Correro, Leslie Gauthier, Paul Gregg, Peregrine Heard, Jonathan Hendrickson, Hank Lin, Mia Rohrer, Benjamin Drew Thompson


Production Gallery:

Briar Rose & the Thirteenth Fairy
Wr. Caroline Angell
[Video Selections coming soon]





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