Casting Notice

The Turn of the Screw
Adapted from Henry James by Jamie Wylie

Everyday Inferno Theatre Co. is casting Equity and non-Equity actors for The Turn of the Screw, an NYC premiere production in partnership with the historic Morris-Jumel Mansion.
Director: Anaïs Koivisto, Producer: Katherine Sommer

Rehearsals start early September and continue through mid October (nights & weekends).
Performances 10/16-11/2

Auditions are by appointment only. If you are only available for one of the audition dates, please let us know.

Audition Info
When: 8/27/14 6pm-9pm, 8/28/14 6pm-9pm
Where: Studios353 (353 W 48th St, New York, NY 10036)

Submit H&R for an appointment to
Auditions will consist of one monologue under 2 minutes, preferably from the Modern canon. Please feel free to do a British accent piece if you have one you are comfortable with.


All roles available. M&F 18-50.

JAMES / QUINT: Male, 20-30s. Ideally red or light blonde hair. Striking - he is instantly unforgettable. There is something magnetic, sexual, and maybe sinister about him. This role requires an actor with a strong and communicative physical presence.

DOUGLAS: Male, 30-50s. Our narrator. A man who once fell deeply and unsatifyingly in love, and who has lived with one foot in the past ever since. He is a sympathetic and deeply loyal man. and a reluctant but incredibly skilled storyteller.

GRIFFIN / UNCLE: Male, 20-30s. Charismatic, jovial, an air of careless wealth - the life of the party. He is handsome enough to sweep a young and impressionable woman off her feet. This role requires an actor with strong comedic skills.

FOOTMAN / MILES: Male, 20s. Youthful - this actor will be playing both an adult and a child. Extremely intelligent, a "golden" boy. A highly skilled manipulator, but underneath he is deeply vulnerable and damaged.

MRS GRIFFIN / JESSEL: Female, 20-30s. Charming, vivacious, and beautiful. This role requires both strong comedic skills and a striking and communicative phsyical presence.

HENRIETTA / MRS GROSE: Female, 20-50s. The conscience of our story. She is a deeply loyal and loving friend. She is lower class and uneducated, and she looks to the governess with a degree of idolatry which allows her to be drawn down into the governess' hysteria as events unfold. She is empathetic and extremely suggestible, but there is a stubborn pratical streak in her that cannot ever be fully abandoned. We are looking at ALL ages for this role.

MAID / FLORA: Female, 20s. Youthful - this actor will be playing both an adult and a child. Deeply shy and lovely, with an appearance of great innocence and charm. She is much smarter and more aware of events around her than she initially appears to be.

THE GOVERNESS: Female, 20-30s. Our heroine. A young woman on her own in a strange place. Impressionable, naive, romantic, and with great reserves of both strength and imagination. She has embarked on an adventure, with a desire to be "swept away". What she encounters, instead, is horror - and she must find the power within herself to fight against it.