Casting Notice

A Map to Somewhere Else
Written by Reina Hardy

Everyday Inferno Theatre Co. is casting non-Equity actors for A Map to Somewhere Else, an NYC premiere production.
Director: Anaïs Koivisto, Producer: Katherine Sommer
Rehearsals start early May and continue through early June (nights & weekends). Performances 6/19-6/28

All roles available. M&F 18-40. We are interested in actors of all types and ethnicities.

Auditions are by appointment only. If you are only available for one of the audition dates, please let us know.

Audition Info
When: 4/3/14 6pm-9pm, 4/5/14 11am-2pm
Where: Studios353 (353 W 48th St, New York, NY 10036)

Submit H&R for an appointment to
Auditions will consist of one monologue under 2 minutes. Any type. Please choose something you love that shows off your abilities!


We are open to all ethnicities, types, and abilities except where specifically noted.

EMILY, A Girl: Female, early 20s. Popular, extroverted, beautiful. She has more in common with Natasha than she initially appears to. She is a believer. Character sings briefly.

NATASHA, Her Friend: Female, early 20s, Jewish. Extremely sensitive. Scared of her own imagination. Also, the tragic heroine of a fantasy realm. Character sings briefly.

CONSTANTINE, Natasha's cousin: Male, early 20s, Jewish. Passionate and troubled. He falls in love easily. Also, a cruel and merciless warrior.

DACTYL, A Minister: Male. Ageless. Tall and thin. A leader. An air of importance and inevitability. He has seen a lot.

FRANGIBELLE, An Oracle: Female. Ancient. Brilliant, bossy, and occasionally incomprehensible. Actor must have strong movement skills.

FIX, A Thing: Male/Female. Sexless, young. Eager and naive. Actor should have strong movement skills.

MR. TING, A Tenor: Male. Suave. A lounge singer for a fantasy realm. Must be a strong singer.

SCATTER, A Bunny: Male/Female. Fiercely loyal and loving. Actor should have strong movement skills and must be able to sing.


About the Production 

A Map to Somewhere Else is a comic drama with fantastic elements and three or four songs. It deals with the tender, heroic, stupid, elaborate imagined worlds that many supposed ordinary people spent half their lives in as children, and abandoned as they grew. So what happened to them? Are they still there? Do they miss us?