Casting Notice

Punks & Provocateurs
Two plays in Rep: The Roaring Girl and Punk as Fuck

Everyday Inferno Theatre Company is casting two separate plays to run in rotating rep as part of Punks & Provocateurs (casts will not overlap): The Roaring Girl by Thomas Middleton and Thomas Dekker (director Anaïs Koivisto) and Punk as Fuck by Michael K. White and Dianna Stark (director Katherine Sommer).

Rehearsals start on or after 4/24 and continue through May (nights & weekends in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan only plus one weekday tech in early June).

Performances 6/5-6/21 at The Access Theater Gallery (380 Broadway)

Auditions open to AEA & Non-AEA actors. Plays will be produced under an Equity Showcase NY code (approval pending). $30 weekly travel stipend

Auditions are by appointment only. If you are only available for one of the audition dates, please let us know.

Audition Info
When: 3/26/15 6pm-9:30pm, 3/28/15 3pm-8pm
Where: Cap21 (18 W 18th Street, New York, NY 10011)
Callbacks will be 3/30 & 3/31 6-9pm
Submit H&R for an appointment to
Auditions will consist of one monologue under 2 minutes, classical or contemporary.

Please have a contrasting piece (specifically classical material if you choose a contemporary monologue and vice versa) prepared. Comedic material preferred, but not required. Please note any applicable skills (musical instruments, singing, and stage combat) when you submit for an appointment.


by Michael K. White & Dianna Stark, Katherine Sommer, director.

CASSANDRA: Female, 20s. (Must play the drums) Constantly changing is a big part of who she is. She changes her mind a lot. Staying with something and seeing it through to the end is not her strong suit. Works at KFC where she wears an unflattering bright red polyester uniform. CAGE is her stupid boyfriend.

CAGE (DEWAYNE): Male, 20s. (Must play the guitar) Generous and warmhearted. Broad-minded and expansive. Pompous and patronizing. Bossy and interfering. Dogmatic and intolerant. Washes dishes for two hours a day at a Chinese restaurant.. Still clinging to the hair bands, and their look. A True Believer at the cusp of the cliff, oblivious to his fate.

SIMON: Male, 20s. (Must sing and play the guitar) A passionate individual with a magnetic personality. A clarity of thought and expression. Clever and courageous. Can be resentful and obsessive. Smart. Writes the songs with CAGE. Pudgy, mediocre singer. Oddly charismatic. Crushes on CASSANDRA.

LEE: Male, 20s. (Must play the bass) His obstinate nature can be troublesome at times. Some people view LEE as lazy because it may be hard to get him moving, but in truth, he reserves his energy for projects he wants to do. Underneath the patient surface lies in wait a personality that does not like to be challenged. New to the band. Joined from a flyer he saw at Safeway. Wears Pantera shirts before they're fashionable. Has a Winnie the Pooh tattoo.

DAISY: Female, 20s. Self-willed. She may be seen as short-tempered. She is clever and confident. On some occasions she will act impatiently. Her impulsiveness and quick temper can be her potential enemies. Totally efficient in every endeavor, DAISY does not tolerate failure. Heavily Pregnant; lives with Lee. Likes the sound of her own voice.


by Michael K. White & Dianna Stark, Katherine Sommer, director.

MOLL CUTPURSE: Female, 20-30s. A truly unconventional woman. Strong, smart, and sexy. She's a cross-dresser, a celebrated fencer, and a talented musician, and she's not at all afraid to speak her mind. She's the best of both sexes. We are looking for an actor with intellectual intensity, command of verse text, and a striking and strong physical presence. Stage combat experience and singing ability preferred. Musical instrument is a strong plus.

GULL: Female, 20-30s. A young and somewhat dim serving girl who thinks she's quite a bit more impressive and worldly than she is. Silly and boyish. She gets into quite a lot of trouble. Great comic ability. Character sings (not necessarily well).

MARY: Female, early 20s. Secretly engaged to Sebastian, her love match is thwarted by her fiance's father's greed. She seems purely sweet and innocent, but there is a deeper layer of strength, intelligence, and sexuality just under the surface.

SEBASTIAN: Male, early 20s. A young man unlucky in love, and willing to go to great lengths to secure the wife of his choosing. He is impulsive, impatient, and reckless, but also able to get himself out of any scrape with his own cunning. He's quick witted and sure of himself.

SIR WENGRAVE: Male, 40-60s. A father at his wit's end over the follies of his son and heir. Blustery, pompous, greedy, and full of self-pity, but above all motivated by a deep and genuine affection for his only child. He's a bit of a diva. This is a powerhouse comedic role.

DAPPER: Male, early 20s. A classic fop. Genial, good-natured, friend to all, full of romantic notions but above all motivated by a deep love of all things fashionable. He has a soft spot for Moll that could almost turn into love, if he wasn't so easily distracted by a shiny bit of fabric or a new hat.

GOSHAWK: Male early 20s. A fashionable young buck. His primary interests include women, tobacco, and nice clothes. He is actively pursuing another man's wife, without remorse. He has very little concern for the consequences of his actions. He spends most of his life pursuing his own lusts, to varying degrees of success.

LAXTON: M, early 20s. A fashionable young buck, with omnivorous sexual tastes. He is extremely attractive, knows it, and uses it to his advantage. He leads a married woman on in order to get money from her, but the tables are turned on him when he finds himself lusting after a woman who doesn't want him. Requires an actor with great comedic ability. Stage combat experience preferred.

MISTRESS OPENWORK: Female, 20-30s. Warm, open, sexually adventurous. She mistakenly believes her husband to be cheating on her, and is willing to sleep with another man in order to even the score, but under her desire for revenge she truly loves her spouse. Role will be doubled with several additional parts and requires an actor with strong characterization and comedic ability.

MISTRESS GALLIPOT: Female, 20-30s. Dissatisfied with her loving but weak-willed husband, she has become enamored with a young male customer. She is sexually driven, strong willed, and quick if not exactly quick witted. She is warm toward everyone except her husband, with whom she has reached her last bit of patience. She gets herself into quite a lot of trouble through her own lies, and spends the rest of the play trying to dig her way back out.

MISTRESS TILTYARD: Female 20-30s. A fellow shopkeeper and friend to M. Openwork and M. Gallipot. Warm, funny, a strong comic presence. She unwittingly finds herself in the midst of an affair, which nearly turns into a threesome. Role will be doubled with several additional parts and requires an actor with strong characterization and comedic ability.

TRAPDOOR: Male, 20-40s. Honest Ralph Trapdoor is a scoundrel and a classic trickster. He serves his own purposes before any other, and looks out for his own skin first. He delights, above all, in stirring up trouble, and he finds himself in a perfect situation to do so when he is hired by two separate masters - Sir Wengrave and Moll. Role requires excellent comic ability. Stage combat experience preferred. Character sings (not necessarily well).

The following roles are cast. Submissions will be considered for replacement only.

GALLIPOT: Male, 20-30s. Deeply in love with his wife, and generally blind to both her own faults and the effect his actions have on her. He is a bit of a buffoon, but an incredibly genial one. Naive in the ways of women, and adultery. He believes the best of all around him, but is quick to anger when the wool is finally off his eyes. He has a truly kind core. Stage combat experience preferred.