Casting Notice

Heart of Oak
A FRIGID Festival Production

Everyday Inferno Theatre Co. is casting non-union actors for Heart of Oak, an NYC premiere production, to be produced as part of the FRIGID Festival.
Laura Hirschberg (Playwright), Anaïs Koivisto (Director), Katherine Sommer (Playwright), Jon Meyer (Stage Combat).

Rehearsals early-January to mid-February (nights & weekends). The Frigid Festival runs 2/18-3/8 (the production will be assigned five performances during that period - actors must be available through 3/8).

Fleeing arranged marriage, Princess Alvida commandeers a pirate vessel and assembles an unlikely crew of serving women. As she struggles with opposing roles – pirate and princess – her betrothed finds himself falling for a woman he's never met. Shanties and swordfights frame this theatrical tale of love on the high seas...

Auditions are by appointment only. If you are only available for one of the audition dates, please let us know.

Audition Info
When: 12/13/13 2-5pm, 12/15/13 6-9pm
Where: Studios 353
(353 West 48th Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10036)
Submit H&R for an appointment to
Auditions will consist of a 1-2 minute monologue


All roles available. M&F 18-50. Singing ability preferred (all roles sing). Please note any musical instruments you play in your submission.

PLEASE NOTE: Some character names have changed.

ALVIDA: F, 20s. A princess, and a pirate. Dignified and regal, but also impetuous with a deep taste for adventure. She has the capacity to be deeply cruel or immensely benevolent. She is the kind of woman people fall madly in love with.

ALFRED: M, 20s. Romantic, and full of ideals but also extremely capable and confident in himself and his ability to perform his role in life.

JOHANNA: F, 20s. First mate, and the Princess' personal seamstress. Brave, loyal, witty, and in love with the wrong person. Strong singer.

LIV: F, 20-30s. Ship's crew, castle cook. Fiery, ready for a fight, and itching to return home.

RONA: F, 20-30s. Boatswain, scullery maid. Playful, solid, reliable, always up for a laugh. Liv's best friend.

EVA: F, 20s. Ship's mate, laundry woman. Physically powerful (her strength is a huge asset on the ship) but unsure of herself and naive. Johanna's younger sister.

HANNA: F, 20-30s. Ship's carpenter, worked in the royal stables. The daughter of a farmer. Good in a fight, brash, and prickly. She has a bone to pick with Johanna.

SIBYLL: F, 20-30s. Quartermaster, lady's maid. Practical and observant. A neutral voice (for the most part) on the ship. Level headed.