Buzz for Everyday Inferno

"I am looking forward to the next production of this new and vibrant indie theater company."
Joan Kane,

" entertaining and enjoyable evening put on by some fresh talent and an eager young theatre company."
Oscar Lopez, StageBuddy

"Overall, this piece is a great example of what a talented team with competent direction can produce."
Dillon Slagle, Theatre is Easy

" of the best productions of ancient Greek drama I’ve seen in years."
Jon Sobel, BlogCritics

"...Everyday Inferno Theatre Company is a talented ensemble that blends dance, music and theatre to form new constructs to express the feelings and ideas of the subjects they explore. I am curious to see more of what they do."
Alice Jane Klugherz, Front Row Center

"...a taut little horror story, with inventive and simple staging, a wonderfully fluid use of James' own framing device, and enough levity to give the audience a respite before the next, and markedly more effective scare."
Eric J. Grimm, Theater Pizzazz

"The cast successfully fills the performance space with songs, movement and dance to the point where scenery would only hinder their work."
Juan Recondo, Off Off Online

"[T]his is very impressive work and I would like to see more from Everyday Inferno."
Mark Savitt, Hi! Drama

"The Everyday Inferno Theatre Company delivers on their commitment to provide classic material to a wide audience while maintaining low production costs..."
Nathan Harding, Off Off Online

"...this group of theater artists knows what they're doing."
Sergei Burbank , nytheater now

" intimate and whimsical performance you're not likely to forget."
Carly Mento, StageBuddy


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Press Kit

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